Spirits that seal great moments since 1850

Five generations who have perfected the art of creating fascinating "Spirits" made from Agave as well as other Mexican spirits.

We are privileged to share our family legacia with you

Words alone can not do justice to the pleasure of tasting authentic Tequila, Mezcal, Gin or Rum made in the old-fashioned way in small batches. It is an experience that permeates into the soul and turns ordinary moments into a celebration for the senses.

We are proud to offer the richest cultural expression of authentic Tequila, Mezcal, Rum and Gin which is made with passion and care.

Kruz-Ban Mezcal Butterfly Pea

Crafted to be enjoyed alone for its smoothness on the palate or in cocktails, our young Espadín is flavored with Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea), a plant that has been used for centuries in various oriental cultures for its medicinal properties in tea and to spice up food.

Guajako Mezcal Ensemble

Master Mezcalero: Raúl Parada. Assemblage of 3 wild varieties in perfect balance. Its complexity of aromas and flavors is high. The sharpness in its notes unfold slowly on the palate. Silky, warm, slightly oily texture. Its soul of smoked agave goes ahead, followed by tropical notes, citrus fruits, seasonal tangerine. Its minerals, reminiscent of moist earth, harmonize with the sweetest notes of berries, dried fruit and peach. Its finish is sweet floral.

Five generations making history

Enjoy the legacy of Don Servando Parada "the knowledge of Agave and Mezcal".

For more than fifty years Don Servando dedicated himself to caring for the fertility of the land in San Carlos Yautepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. He planted maguey and left enough space for the surrounding families to plant corn, beans, and squash so they had enough to eat and also to sell; which also turned out to be favorable for the development of Agave...

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